Every non-profit deserves a great website.


We believe in the power of simple effective design and believe that power should be wielded by all. We’re a company that designs basic brilliant websites for non-profits at no cost.

Working With Charities – Wide Ranging Experience


We enjoy working for charities and non-profit organisations for the simple reason that we’re making a small contribution to the many good causes these groups are trying to promote.

If you are a charity or a non-profit organisation, we offer a free help and advice service on anything Web related. So if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@itspro.co.uk,

How We Work – No Lock-In


Too often we see charities ‘locked-in’ to their developer’s expensive, bespoke systems. That’s not how we work

All we offer is knowledge, expertise and experience. We won’t sell you an inflexible bespoke web application (CMS) that only we have control over, with costly ongoing maintenance contracts and overly expensive hosting packages – sound familiar?

We, unlike many Web Agencies, don’t ‘lock you in’ to anything.

We design and develop websites using only open-source, nonproprietary technologies and applications. This means your website will really be yours, and your only ongoing cost will be for website hosting (£150 per year on average).

Of course, you can call on our expertise whenever you need our support – we’ve been working with some of our customers for over seven years. But this¬†will be your decision, one you’ll always be ‘free’ to make.